Quatuor Rosamonde - NEW OUT October 2023

Joseph HAYDN

Quatuor Opus 74 n°3, Hob. III : 74 en Sol mineur/in g « Le cavalier »


Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Quatuor Opus 18, n°1 en Fa majeur/in F

 Quatuor Rosamonde Beethoven - Haydn et beethoven

"This recording by the Rosamonde Quartet presents two of Beethoven’s last string quartets and his Grosse Fuge – three absolute masterpieces that even now, two hundred years after their composition, continue to fascinate audiences, performers and composers alike."
(Bernard Fournier)

String Quartet no. 14 in C sharp minor, op. 131 [1826]
String Quartet no. 15 in A minor, op. 132 [1825]
Grosse Fuge (“Great Fugue”) in B flat major, op. 133 [1825]

 Quatuor Rosamonde Beethoven Op131 132 133 recto

More than thirty five years of concerts in the most prestigious concert halls

The Quatuor Rosamonde brings together musicians of international renown. He is comfortable in all styles, extending of course from French music, through the Viennese music of the eighteenth, to contemporary creation. Heir of the French school of String Quartet, they play since 35 years on all continents, crowned by prices since 1983 with the International Competition in Evian and praised since by international critics who have hailed "the beauty of its tone", " the precision of its style", "the refinement and elegance of its phrasing, directly inherited from the french school of quartet playing".

As a quartet they trained at the Paris Conservatoire and Yale University. Their meeting and friendship with Raphael Hillyer, who was violist for 25 years with the Juilliard Quartet, was decisive: it was he who introduced them in their early years to the Tanglewood Festival in the United States. From Eugene Lehner, violist of the Kolish Quartet and a friend of Schoenberg and Bartók, they received the heritage of the teaching of the great Viennese masters of the early twentieth century.

Thomas TERCIEUX  violin
Jean SULEM  viola
Xavier GAGNEPAIN  cello

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The press

«The most successfull performance: an especially elegant and expressive playing. » YALE Chamber Music Festival, USA

«Auftakt mit Mozart, und gleich ein Aufhorchen: da waren ein ausdrucksvolles Ensemblespiel, alle Instrumente gleichermassen einbeziehenden Eleganz. Der langsamer Satz offenbarte schon eine der exquisiten Klangeigenschaften des Quartetts: ein zerbrechliches, fast gebrochenes Pianissimo, ein Hauch, eine leise vox humana abseits der Standard gewordenen Poliertheit. » Allgemeine Zeitung

«The strength of their ensemble is obvious. Tonally the Rosamonde are very much a unit: balance is finely judged, and quality of colour and the intensity are clearly arrived at through a communal decision. In Faure Quartett, this rich validity was impressive. In the Debussy, they showed a really exceptional command of the ebb and flow that so often characterizes Debussy’s handling of tempo. » Times, Londres

«Vom Stoff endlich gefordert und mit sicherem Blick für die Unerhörtheiten des Debussy- Juwels steigerten sich die zweimaligen Evian-Preisträger nach der Pause und malten ein betörendes Klang-aquarell mit duftigem Pizzikato: eine Modellaufführung, die vom Publikum auch als solche lebhaft akklamiert wurde. » Salzburger Nachrichten

«Denn fand sich hier («Jagd-Quartett» von Mozart) ein genauso inhaltlich gehaltvoll entsprechender Diskurs, zu dem instrumentales Können wie formvollendete Bedachtsamkeit im Aufeinanderhören und Miteinanderkomunizieren gepaart eben das schönste Resultat zeitigten. » Salzburger Volksblatt

«... poésie du climat sonore créé par le Quatuor Rosamonde qui tisse de magnifiques sonorités autour de la clarinette. Cette interprétation habitée et portée par une grande courbe d’un bout à l’autre est incontestablement digne de figurer parmi les grandes gravures de cette page magistrale. » Diapason pour le CD du quintette de Brahms avec clarinette avec A. Damiens

«Il gusto squisito dei Francesi. » Il Tempo, Rome

«The Quatuor Rosamonde played Berg and Beethoven with sharp-pointed attack and intellectual energy that informs every musical note and line; leanness and clarity are evidently the corporate goals, and vigorously pursued. » Financial Times

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